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Operations Trainee

As an Operations Trainee, you will experience and gain an overall understanding of the Operations function, and the competencies & capabilities that will enable you to be a future leader in various roles and departments i.e. Manufacturing, Procurement, FSQ (Food Safety & Quality) and more. You will be given every opportunity to explore your potential, make critical business decisions, take accountability of initiatives & projects and work as one Operations Family.

Finance Trainee

As a Finance Trainee, unleash your potential and develop your on-the-job Finance knowledge & skills in specific dedicated roles & departments i.e. BBP, Commercial Finance, Supply Chain Finance.
You will own your legacy by taking responsibility for specific improvement initiative projects in Finance and have the opportunity to create significant business impact.

Selection Stage:

• Step 1: Complete the Application Form
• Step 2: Online Assessment
• Step 3: Group Dynamic Assessment
• Step 4: Final Assessment Day
• Step 5: Offering & Medical Check-Up
• Start Your Journey – Early March 2019

To Apply http://kraftheinz.site.staffcv.com/indonesia/

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